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BMW Needs to Improve the Reliability of their Vehicles

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Author: Paul Fittipaldi

The boys and gals in Munich need to listen up and start to improve the reliability of their vehicles. A recent article by Your Mechanic listed BMWs as the most expensive to own and Toyotas as the least. The cost of ownership was estimated to be at $17,800! Wow, for that much you can buy yourself a used Toyota! Ask yourself, how many older model BMWs do you see on the roads—not that many.

BMW needs to stop making throwaway cars. There should be more older model Beemers on the roads—sadly there are not. Recently, these cars have been packed with technology and technology is not cheap when it breaks. Also, engine components need to be improved as well as better quality control.

Keep in mind, the majority of luxury cars are leased, so the costs are passed onto the poor hapless drive who needs to pay over $800 for a fuel pump. Having a car look good is one thing, style over substance gets old when you are served with a repair that you didn’t expect out of a luxury car.

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